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Nature Festival, is returning to South Australia from the twenty fifth of September to the 4th of October, with a huge program of events that includes an expansive array of talks, exhibitions, nature walks, workshops, fowl watching and nature poetry to name only some. From our own again gardens to the majesty of the Flinders, nature is central to who we are as South Australians and that is exactly what Nature Festival aims to rejoice. Survey of 1,000 prime promoting Australian artists reveals the Resale Royalty Scheme leaves 99{c5bafac4e977b935d6a671d779325eca0621860e1b28dcdf2c1496b22590b44f} out in the Cold, while Australia’s arts sector is decimated by the most recent Covid shutdown.

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And how do we now have the braveness to pour ourselves into another without fear of depletion? Easily mistaken for pictures, her hyperrealistic drawings celebrate the historical past, traditions, and cultural values of her Igbo heritage. The Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships is a …