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Commissioned in opposition to a backdrop of a world stricken by contagion, human loss and racial pressure, Ouroboros will symbolise unity and variety when it goes on display in the gallery’s sculpture backyard in 2024. Married couple Steph McCarthy and Maurice Linehan are scouring Australia’s wettest and driest landscapes to preserve our iconic vehicles, whereas automobile golf equipment race against time to maintain history alive. As communities across elements of south-eastern Australia continue the journey of restoration after the devastating Black Summer bushfires, the creators of a brand new ABC sequence hope it’s going to assist individuals to better understand the experiences of those that bore the brunt of the catastrophe. Saar’s irreverent work of dolls from her collection rejoice the catharsis she found in play.

Art News

In the last two years alone, the project has involved hundreds of creatives—see the huge, eclectic collection starting from summary portraits to whimsical cityscapes …